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It took John Cooper from Skillet only one night to really like “We As Human” enough to make a phone call.  Like John Cooper I fell in love with the hard hitting rock with a message.  There is no doubt these guys are a Christian Rock band.  Some of the lyrics seem weak at first until you listen to them a few times and you realize just how much of a message is in this self titled album.  One of the messages that seems to be repeated is the struggle between the old man and the new man.  Another theme I see in this album is the constant reference to God being the only hope we have.  Many of the songs like Dead Man, speak of the sickness of the old man and the struggle we feel inside.  There is no glorifying or painting a pretty picture of our sin on this album.  We As Human puts the ugly face back on our selfish desires and paints a great picture of Jesus being the one to remove the old man from us.


We see two guest vocalist on this debut album.  One is John Cooper from Skillet on Zombie and Lacy Sturm formerly of Flyleaf on Take the Bullets Away.  With two heavy hitter guest vocalist like John and Lacy appearing on your debut album you must be worth listening to.  The two darkest songs on the album are Zombie and Take The Bullets Away.  I am sure these songs will touch many people.  Both of these songs deal with some heavy issues facing our youth today.


I felt the album was produced very well with just the right amount of mellow songs, digital sound effects, and heavy sound.  Justin’s voice has a smooth tone on We Fall Apart and Taking Life, but gives us a rough tough voice we want to hear with hard hitting rock.   The rest of the guys bring a great sound to the album.  Overall this is one of my favorite debut albums I have heard in a long time.   I pray these guys continue to make great albums like this one. We As Human is made up of Justin Cordle-Vocals, Adam Osborne-Drums, Jake Jones-Guitar, Justin Forshaw – Guitar and Dave Draggoo-Bass.



  1. Strike Back
  2. Dead Man
  3. Bring to Life
  4. Let Me Down
  5. Zombie-Featuring John Cooper
  6. We Fall Apart
  7. Take the Bullets Away-Featuring Lacy Sturm
  8. Taking Life
  9. Sever
  10. I Stand
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