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Eye on it, tobyMac’s latest album it’s a fresh take from a seasoned performer. If i had to classify this album I couldn’t. To try and lump this album into a single genre would be doing it an injustice, it seemingly has a bit of everything with roots in hip-hop TM makes a nice transition over to more of a Pop sound but also mixed in some reggae and electronic tones the likes I haven’t seen from any other christian artists, I mean come on what Christian artist have you heard use anything even remotely close to a dub-step break?

The deluxe version is jam packed with great tracks and some great remixes, I find myself unable to let this album go. I love the quick transitions from upbeat pop track to a soulful almost “owl city-esque” sound. The message is also loud and clear on this album and very much rooted in his christian beliefs but not overpowering as to turn away non-believers.

The production quality on this album is second to none, equal in kind and quality to its secular counter parts, the tracks from a sound perspective sound like anything in the mainstream secular hip-hop, pop, or whatever genre this is supposed to be.

All in all I would highly recommend this album to any existing TobyMac fans, or to anyone looking for something fresh in the Christian Music Scene.

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