The Digital Age “Evening:Morning”

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What does a band do when their lead singer whom the band was named after leaves and you still feel you had something to share with people?  You rename the band and do what made you great with a little something special added.  Digital Age is formally The David Crowder Band minus David Crowder of course.  Digital Age keeps what you loved about DCB and adds a new worship experience that is hard to describe but addictive.  At times I felt I was listening to OwlCity meets DCB.  There is a lot of digital sounds added in the background of these songs.  It is amazing at how they take sounds that remind me of a 1980‘s Nintendo game and create a worship experience.  In a world where many are trying to sound like Tomlin, Redman, and Hillsong Evening:Morning is a breath of fresh air.  The Church is a diverse community with core values.  I love to see different types of worship that show the Church’s diversity while keeping our core values.  Digital Age is very modern, maybe even ahead of their time, but at the same time the lyrics will take you back to some of the hymns and choruses you sang as a child.

Almost all of the songs could be easily played in any worship service.  Well some you may have to play acoustically so people will not get distracted by the digital style.  There was not one song that I did not care for.  They all are filled with theology or encouragement for the Church.  I cannot wait to see where Digital Age goes next.  These guys have always surprised me in some way.  I can remember waiting to see what these guys were going to come up with next as DCB.  If you were a true fan of David Crowder Band then the transition into Digital Age will be an easy one for you.  If digital music is not your style I challenge you to listen to the lyrics before you give your opinion on the album.  I believe Digital Age is going to make an impact on today’s worship just like they did as David Crowder Band.  Because of Digital Age being a breath of fresh air and remaining true to the faith I give Evening:Morning a solid 4.9/5.

Track Listing:

  1. Captured
  2. Symphony
  3. All The Poor and Powerless
  4. Your Name (We Shout)
  5. Overcome
  6. Through The Night
  7. Glow
  8. Break Every Chain
  9. Believe
  10. God Of Us All
  11. Always You
  12. Morning Song
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