Jeremy Camp-Reckless

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Reckless. Hear the word and what comes to mind? For some of us, it’s a childhood filled with climbing trees and tobogganing down steep hills. An adolescence of street racing or experimenting withdrugs or alcohol.  An adulthood that winds up in court or in the hospital. But there’s another kind of recklessness. The one where you abandon fear and step out in faith. Where you love without knowing if you’ll ever be loved back, give without knowing if what you do will ever reach anyone, and live without knowing whether tomorrow will come at all. It is this kind of recklessness that Jeremy Camp’s latest album explores. Drawn from a question God put on his heart a year ago, it will doubtless raise questions in yours.

The album begins with the title track “Reckless”, a stirring anthem that declares complete surrender to God. So often we say we’vegiven all to Him and yet we withhold a part of ourselves we don’t want to lose. If God ever asked us to leave it behind to dosomething else, we need to be willing to want Him more than all our plans. Our identity is found in Him alone. Next, “The Way You Love Me” celebrates God’s love and all it gives. It is Jeremy’s pledge to declare and share God’s love with the world. The catchy chorus just invites the listener to sing along (something I can’t do hear at the library!!) “Free” is an upbeat testimony of release from the burden of sin. You could almost dance to it.

“Paradise” looks forward in eager anticipation to everlasting life in heaven, where we will praise God forever. It seems like a sequel to “There Will Be A Day”, which I love. “We Must Remember” is a tender reminder of God’s grace. Once we are forgiven by God, He doesn’t take it back and recall our former sins anymore. It’s surprising how often we forget that. “Shine” threw me for a loop at first – I could swear Jeremy sounds like Mark Hall when he sings the verses. It’s a fast tempo track where he praises God and speaks of his wish to die to self and let God live through him instead.

When you see the world through God’s eyes, the sheer despair as people chase anything that they think will satisfy them, it’s enough to make you cry. In “Come Alive”, Jeremy vows to show the hope that is possible in Jesus Christ, because he knows it personally. “My God” is a stirring worship song that touches on many aspects of who God is to us; saviour, creator, redeemer, victor, to name a few. “We Need” depicts what God has called us to do; reach out to broken people and love them the way God first loved us. Most of all, we need to lead them to God. But first we must be willing. “Reign In Me” is a prayer that continues in the same vein, desiring God to use him and live through him to show Himself to all. We must decide daily to let God reign in our hearts instead of stealing back the crown. Only then can we display Jesus’ love. Finally, “Without You” contrasts the broad and narrow ways and promises to wait on God’s direction before making choices.

Without a doubt, Reckless will leave you breathless. Partly from singing along (if you’re able to) and partly from surrender awe. Check out this 4/5; it just might wreck you.

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