Jason Gray – Love Will Have The Final Word

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“Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

Hear the name Jason Gray and “heart for the broken” may come to mind as a synonymous phrase. Having emerged from a painful past, he now ministers through music, proclaiming the message that through the pain, through the heartache, even through the mistakes in our lives, God’s love does not give up on us.

In Love Will Have The Final Word, Jason dives deep into the rich ocean of God’s unfathomable love and brings us along for the journey.

The album begins with the effervescent Laugh Out Loud which captures the giddy joy of a believer who suddenly realizes just how amazing the grace of God is. Jason explained the heart behind this song on Twitter, saying, “Good comedy relies on the unexpected. The best punch line is the one that surprises you. What’s more surprising than the grace of God? When we’re taken by the divine comedy of God’s love, laughter is not just an appropriate response, but an act of worship.”

With Every Act of Love delivers the message that we are the Kingdom of Christ, representing His love to the world. It is through our actions that they either see Him or miss Him altogether.

Often we want to “fix” the broken. When troubles come, when tragedy strikes, we tell them it will be okay, that it all happened for a reason. But that’s not what people want to hear in their grief. In Not Right Now, Jason tells us that sometimes the best thing to do is just sit with them and mourn.

The title track, Love Will Have the Final Word declares that crazy things happen in our lives. Fear, pain, troubles, but in the end one thing is more powerful than all that. In the end, only God’s love will remain.

Love’s Not Done With You and Begin Again explore the second chance of grace.

The song I Don’t Know How is all about finding God when we come to the end of ourselves. Jason said of this song, “There is a wisdom that can only be understood when we run out of our own answers, a help that we find only after we embrace the depths of our helplessness, and a knowledge that can only grace our thinking after we say, ‘I don’t know…’”

If You Want to Love Someone tells us that to really love someone, we must pour our lives into the empty places in theirs. “Search their soul for where it’s broken, find the cracks and pour your heart in.”

The theme that our troubles are not the end of us runs through Even This Will Be Made Beautiful, a song of hope that Christ can redeem any situation.

In The Best Days, Jason gives us snapshots of some of the best moments, and some of the hardest moments of his life. He lets us know that “whatever comes tomorrow, beauty or sorrow …” God will be with us. And when God is leading us, every season can be titled as the best days of our lives.

As I Am sums up the album with the truth that God loves us as we are and for what He is transforming us into. “When I went the way I knew would lead me away from You, You followed me there to prove You’ll never leave. No matter the damage done, or how far I try to run, when I lose my way You come to carry me back home.”

It’s so easy to beat ourselves up with the past. To believe, whether we say it out loud or not, that God could never really love us. We’re too dirty, we’re not worthy. But as Jason so beautifully sings in the chorus of Love’s Not Done With You, “It’s not what you’ve done, it’s what His love is doing. It’s not who you were, it’s who you are becoming. Have you heard that He makes all things new? I believe His love’s not done with you.”

In his soothing acoustic style, Jason Gray reminds us that doubts may shout, lies may whisper, and black memories may spring like a song on repeat to our minds … but Heavenly love speaks louder than all of these. And it’s that love that will have the final word.

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